For 86 years, the Festival of Nations has inspired people throughout the region to discover more about our world and embrace the rich cultural diversity brought to us by immigrants from around the globe.

For the Third consecutive year “TAMIL” booth & 5 performances by MN Tamil Sangam. Tamils as Ethnic minority spanning many countries but bonded by TAMIL Language,  MN Tamil Sangam representing ALL Tamils from various countries like India, Srilanka, Singapore etc.

*”TAMIL” Cultural exhibit* – please visit to know about Tamil Arts, culture, Music, Language and special Timeline History of various Tamil lands, Literature/archeological history for 2000+ long years. Look for the Exhibit map below:


We have performances on Friday evening and 4 performances on Saturday, see the details below. Plan your visit today for this prestigious once in a year event with participation from 80+ countries and ethnic groups.


*Friday 05/04 – 4:00 PM – PARAI TEAM at prestigious Atrium Stage*


Saturday 05/05 – 4 performances

*11 AM Hour – 8th slot out of total 14 – Mayilattam*

*1 PM Hour – 1st slot out of 7 – Karagattam*

*5 PM Hour – 4th slot out of 6 – Silambattam*

*8 PM Hour – 5th slot out of 7 – Ainthinai Folk Dance*